Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pereskiopsis Experiment Update

      I'm back for an update on the Pereskiopsis Experiment. For those just coming on, I am experimenting with a very close planting arrangement with my pereskiopsis, in order to keep from having to throw too many away, as they are out-growing my available space. I have undertaken this by using planting trays, each accommodating 72 plants. This arrangement gives each plant roughly one square inch.

      There hasn't been too much activity yet, a little growth, but slow. This is typical with any re-planting; there is a certain degree of trauma associated with any re potting from which a plant must recover from before anything else. I am having my doubts about this arrangement though to be honest.

      From previous experiments with high-density planting, I have noticed that the pereskiopsis' growth rate is slowed dramatically, in comparison to less crowded plants...Interestingly though, I have noticed that grafted pereskiopsis, when planted closely, don't experience this drop in growth rate (at least not as severe). Perhaps the 'root-to-shoot' ratio has something to do with this; if root growth occurs proportionately to aerial growth, say for example a Strombocactus Disciformis, wouldn't grow nearly as high or as quickly as the pereskiopsis' growing tip (were it still there :) ). That is just a theory of mine, time will tell. Here are some pictures:

     We'll see how this goes..If nothing else it might enable me to keep a lot more grafts. Till next time.
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